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Prize Chickens of 2004

Wil's first 4H project was Junior Poultry Showmanship.
He raised four chickens starting in March, each a different breed.
At the County Fair in July, Wil won Reserve Grand Champion for
Junior Showmanship, and Daffodil won 2nd place for her American breed. 
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First was picking out 2-day old chicks at Big-R. It took several trips to buy the 4.

Wil and his friends, Jolie and Callie, bought the chicks together.

The chicks were raised in  the girl's garage for the first two months.

When Journey was about 1 month old, Wil took him to school for a demo.

Bocklava was the cutest biker chick.

The chicks loved their coop at the orchard.

Da and Wil transformed our friend's goat house into a fancy, red chicken coop.

Grandma Nicky helped Wil plant Proso Grass seed, from McMurray Hatchery.

About mid June, we heard Journey crow and realized "she" was a rooster.

Every morning Journey led the way to the newly sprouted Proso for a.m. salad.

The chickens had free range of the garden near the orchard. They love worms, strawberries, and shade from the oregano and other herbs.

Wil showed Bocklava, a golden-laced Cochin, at a sample demo day for 4H. His theme was the care and feeding of hens.

See the blue spruce center of the pic?

One day, Okachobee and Daffodil decided to climb that tree! They perched there most of the summer to escape the heat.

Wil and his other friends at Fair.

Wil learned a lot about showmanship.

Wil had to show the judget that he knew how to put Daffodil in a cage properly.

During the showmanship judging, Wil explained everything he knew.

Eleven kids shown here, plus a boy with his turkey, were all vying for the Junior Showmanship award. Guess who won?

Wil just got the news that he won Reserve Grand Champion. His friend on your left won Grand Champion. Nicole on the right won the next ribbon placing.

There he is with Daffodil -- when she was being judge for the American Standard breed. She won 2nd place -- a big pink ribbon.

Wil and Daffodil ready to leave the fair. See how she's sitting on his lap? We forgot the cage, and she sat that way on his lap in the truck going home. And she fell asleep, with her head nodding. Wished my camera still had batteries for that one!

Our Prize Chicken and Son!
We couldn't be more proud!!

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